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Raiding Essentials:
  • Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday are raid days. 19.45-23.00. Invites comes out at 19.45. Tuesday is an optional raid day, which is mainly aimed towards selling boosts. We do use Tuesday for progression in the start of the tier.
  • Always show up fully enchanted / gemmed. Keep a few spares in your inventory if possible, if not, beg and plead the other raiders in the group.
  • Pre-pot everything in mythic unless told otherwise. Pre-pot in heroic if you want to feel powerful.
  • Listening and responding is a must on Discord.
  • The raidleader and other raiders can make stupid decisions, discuss between pulls not during.
  • Sign-up for raids in advance (should be easy seeing as we expect high attendance). At least 24 hours before raid start. Continuous failure and hardship with calendar means you cannot possible be capable of handling mythic content.

  • Trial period is atleast 3 weeks, or the similar in raid days. If we are sure, you’ll get a promotion, if we still do not know, you can possibly be given more time to show how capable you are.
  • You are expected to show up to all raids during your trial period.

General rules (including social members and friends):
  • Be respectful and mature about most things. Resolve disputes and discussion in a way worthy of the hair you have gotten placed in special areas around your body since puberty. If this fails go to an officer, because there is nothing they like more than solving problems between grownups playing computer games.
  • Try to get as much enjoyment out of this conditioning chamber which we call WoW.