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What do we aim for?
Think about raiding as football, a team sport where pleasure is generally derived from performing well as a team. The better you and the team play, the greater the pleasure you can derive from it. However, that is not where the activity ends - After football you can grab a beer with your teammates, talk shit about your everyday life that you can’t in family or on work, you can even go into the changing room and look at other people’s penises to learn more about yourself and put your world into perspective.

This is pretty much what we aim for, except for the penises, mostly. We aim for the performance, but we also want the escapement from our dreary and mundane lives, enter the virtual space and have a bit of serious social fun.

Who do we want?
Somebody who aims for the same as us, obviously. Check your own logs and passionately try to improve your performance, but you may also scour through the logs of everybody else to see where we can improve as a team, if you find something that needs improvement make sure to let the relevant people know (Doubt you will have to though, we have some grammar log-nazis as officers).

You should not be shy trying to improve the team, but keeping in mind, that we would want to be able to have a beer with each other by the end of the day. So, a solid performer, who as a minimum has the social skills of a happy drunkard and with enough organizational talent to use a calendar.

How do we do it?
We want the performance and the accompanying social enjoyment, but we do not want to work for it harder than we have to. We raid three times a week during mythic progress: Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday. During new content Thursdays are also mandatory raid days for the first 2 weeks, before it gets turned back into the day for alt raiding where it should normally belong. All raids are 20.00-23.00 server time.

To conclude:
Fast and steady is the name of the game. We want to quickly plow through content, but also enjoy ourselves a bit on the way - getting introduced to and socialize with the other social rejects that inhabits the mighty virtual world of Azeroth.