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Baloupand / Apr 22, 2020
N'zoth has died! It finally died!
The first old god to bite the dust by our hands. A few went before us, more will come after us but we are once again victorious.

One hell of a tentacle patch is done. Where we though we might get rid of the Hentai-themed raiding encounters, we got a whole lot of them penetrating our raid team this tier. The last boss really didn't leave anything to imagination and showed us what exactly happens when you combine 20 people with even more tentacles. Blood splatters all around that will hit anyone and everyone.

Progression wise we've seen issues come back this boss. Some of us turned into blood fanatics in the first few days, trying to soak as much blood as possible. Others were a big fan of walking in anguish. What is not to like of putting your feet into a black and purple puddle. Who knows what lies in those puddles. Epals? Egirls? We simply couldn't not find out.
On top of all those, we had some really wanting to be in the spotlight by standing in one straight line with the eyes that N'zoth spawned, only to run away in fear afterwards.

It only took us 4 attempts post-chamber phase to burn the octopus down. Magni & MOTHER were more than happy to greet us afterwards and tell us how well we did. Could we have done better? Very likely. Could we have done worse? Very certain the answer to this is yes. We managed to kill it before the 11pm mark though, which in itself is a win looking back at this tier.

On we go, hopefully with a booming tier, but first reclears and fresh blood. Will we break the 11pm curse that has rested on our guild? We will find out in shadowlands. See you there people, let's make that expansion shove this one into a small dark corner.

On a serious note
Goodlife closes it's progression raiding this expansion with pride. We started out of nowhere, literally nowhere on Uldir and have managed to come this far.
Looking forward we'll keep pushing ourselves and our team to the maximum of progression and enjoyment.

I, Balou, can proudly say I am part of this team of wonderful raiders. Let's stand on a similar spot when we conquer Shadowlands!


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