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The Ash queen outscaled

Baloupand / Oct 14, 2019
Finally… Finally we took down Queen Azshara. Does finally actually cover our feelings? We’ve gone from a 500+ ranking to rank 250 in the world. What an amazing jump that is. Goodlife conquers the Queen as if she was nothing but a scaled bag of blood.

We left her gasping for breath for over 60 seconds after the deed was done. Not many men will be able to say with a straight face that they have succeeded in it. There was smashing, splitting, soaking and line of sight involved. Definitely the last part was the favorite of the healers. Not having to see what certain individuals were doing to the boss must have been pleasant.

This does conclude the double female endboss for our team. It’s only a question if the performance will be as good when the final boss proofs to be a tentacle-involved Old god rather than a tentacle-involved queen that had a fit body. Many raiders were trying to show off to gain her attention. During court they even went as far as to please her with certain interactions. Kissing her when she was swimming above her encounter area, only to be backstabbed by a fellow raider who couldn’t cope with the fact she was being kissed by someone else.
The biggest case of backstabbing must have happened mere minutes before the fight. A certain individual saw his queen trembling at the sight of our hungry eyes. All what was left for him to do was to explode his weapon in everyone’s face just to save his beloved queen. Well look where it brought him, a one way ticket into Queen Azshara’s heart. Before they could consume their connection, she was pushed down onto the ground by the other 18 man (1 woman, it’s 2019, we don’t judge) to see her scream. And screaming was heard.

No longer will we throw long objects that go thicker towards the end towards her friends. No longer will we try to break through those shields. The shields have been broken, the queen has been dethroned and Goodlife has crowned itself King. King of the ashes.

We close down this tier with a ranking we had not expected to reach within 3 tiers. Our team has definitely stepped up compared to our rocky course that was Uldir. Onwards we go, with our gaze towards the next tier. Will we manage to beat the current ranking ? Will we manage to keep our positive atmosphere? All we know right now is that we will be as one absolute unit fighting for our identity and ranking and will learn how to take proper pictures. Goodlife has grown, Goodlife will grow and in the end Goodlife will conquer whoever stands in our path.


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