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Not So Blockaded

skumleren / Mar 26, 2019
With quite the chaos waggling through Mekkatorque, it was a a delightful surprise to kill blockade surprisingly easily, quick and at an unexpected time. Went from 40%ish on a previous try, to killing him the next. A little bit of luck must have been a contributing factor, but let us be honest, it was mainly the healing monks playing in their raid, they did a damn smashing job.

Battle for Dazar’alor is therefore quickly coming to an end, and we look forward to stumbling through Jaina as she destroys us. It will be nice to have the Nutella exit cleaned by a lovely woman, although she might be dirty alliance.

A few tries have now been done and we have considered reporting her for anally raping us without our consent. Surely there must be some police department that will take up our plea. However, we will undoubtedly get her down sometime soon and then it is crucible of something or another time!


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