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skumleren / Feb 14, 2019
It hardly seemed justified to put up a post about any of the previous bosses killed, but opulence was sufficiently annoying to warrant a tiny post. It almost pushed to a hundred times and therefore deserve our praise.

It would obviously have gone down a whole lot quicker, and prettier, had a glorious raid leader, and seemingly half the raid not have serious asymmetric brain lateralization being prone to confuse left and right. Well, we can only excuse blame that on a few funny fuckups, but we are looking forward to seeing what future bosses bring up otherwise surprised brain dysfunctionality. I am currently dreading Mekkatorque, one can only wonder what kind of synesthesia or stroop effects will show up on that boss. They should stop giving us these difficult tasks and instead just throw more crap on the floor for us to avoid.

Talking about crap on the floor, the boss surely did not disappoint, but those people on the right side, sure had it too easy, amirite? I know what you are thinking as a damage dealer, “but I get ported from one side to another”, and that is fine, but was I referring to the important members of the raid!

Holy fuck it was long though, hopefully next week we can shave off a few minutes of the encounter and not spend endless hours (Well not really endless, as we discussed during the raid, many things including ourselves are quite endless and finite) in the gauntlet.

Looks like a harder challenge is coming up though, council is next, plenty of opportunity to fuck up on that one, but at least Rastakhan seem to be a couple of pieces of free loot. Stay tuned!



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