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Cutting G'huun's Edge

skumleren / Dec 16, 2018
Cutting Edge was finally achieved! Overall, it went rather well considering it was the first real raiding tier we took part in as a newly created guild. We stumbled our way from a scrubby 109 realm MOTHER kill, to gradually improve to get a 49 realm G’huun mythic kill. It took quite some endurance, vigor and a slight amount of insanity to improve over the length of Uldir. However, going from realm 109 to 49 is quite an improvement. If we keep this progress up in next tier, we will not only get realm 1. but actually, reach realm -9. Method watch out!

To look back on the first tier in this expansion, things went rather smooth on most fronts. We never missed one single raid, however, there was quite a few we could have improved. Sure, there was a few changes to the roster, but we ended up with overall better players than what we started out with. Progression in the start was doubtful at best, but Zul, Mythrax, and G’huun, was quite delightful to progress on, there was small improvements being made across the board all the time (Well except for too many phase 1 G’huun wipes, you know who you are). It looked doubtful at first, but as a guild we made it to the water in the end.

Well, progression has definitely improved, but the social aspects of the guild have remained – still a gathering of misfits and deviants. Now we are even close for the amount of Greeks to rival our amount of Swedes, doesn’t get much strange than that, but it can be entertaining.

With our improved and more stable progression rate, we are looking forward to killing Jaina Proudmoore, or are we just “defeating” her? I do not know, have not looked into it. She is pretty hot though, would not mind floating in her boat if you get what I am saying.

In any case, there is a few farm raids to be made and a couple of peeps that still need the achievement, but beside that there will probably not be much to report until the new year (unless Balou finally post a nude on discord by mistake, it has to happen at some point). So, we are signing off the raiding news until the Battle for Dazar’Alor

Have a nice fucking whatever you are celebrating and remember to get really drunk during new year celebrations.
CU on the flip side.


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